Week of Sept. 10

What are we learning about?

Reading- We are continuing an author’s study of Leo Lionni. While reading his books we are working on the comprehension strategies of: Sequencing and Problem and Solution. Try having your child retell a story- focus only on four to five important events. Use words like: In the beginning, First, Next, Then and At the end______. Identify the main problem and solution in a text. Good books, juicy books have many problems that keep the reader interested have your child identify multiple problems in a text.egg


Phonics/ Grammar- In phonics we are on Chart 8. Review the all in ball and the alk in walk. We are continuing to work on adjectives.


Math–We had the subtraction test. We are reviewing the problems missed on the test and now starting Chapter 3. Addition Strategies. One Strategy is Doubles. 5+5 is a double.



Social Studies/Science- Students are learning about the parts of a plant and how plants use these parts to survive. In our Science Journals we are writing down observations about the Lima Bean seeds we planted.Growing a Bean in a Bag

Writing- Students are planning their Opinion writing and writing about: What is your favorite part of the school day? Opinion writing needs to have good reasons linked with examples: Here are some transitions to practice stating and linking the reasons and examples:

Reason 1-I believe this because____ Example 1-For example______

Reason 2-Another reason I think this is________Example 2-One time_________



Important Dates-

9/13-9/20 Parent Teacher Conferences, Minimum Days

9/13-9/20 School Book Fair, 8am-10am or 1pm-3:30pm, All purchases benefit our school or buy online at http://www.scholastic.com/bf/wolfcanyones1

9/24-10/8 Fall Break

Students Return October 9th – Regular Day


MARK YOUR CALENDAR FOR SATURDAY, OCTOBER 13, PARENT ACADEMY, 8-12@ Vista Square- Call 619-425-9600 ext . 1520 for more information


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