Week of Sept. 17

What are we learning about?


Reading- We are continuing an author’s study of Leo Lionni. While reading his books we are working on the comprehension strategies of: Sequencing and Problem and Solution. Try having your child retell a story- focus only on four to five important events. Use words like: In the beginning, First, Next, Then and At the end______. Identify the main problem and solution in a text.

Phonics/ Grammar- We reviewed all of the phonics patterns in chart 8. We also practiced using Adjectives to describe apples and icecream.chart 8


Math–Chapter 3 Addition Strategies: Add in any order, Count On, Add Doubles, Doubles plus or minus 1


Social Studies/Science- Students are learning about the parts of a plant and how plants use these parts to survive. In our Science Journals we are writing down observations about the lima bean seed we planted.

Writing- Students took their Opinion writing test.


What do you think______________?

In my opinion, _____________________


I think this because ________________


One time, _____________________


Another reason ___________________


For example, _____________________


Now you know why ________________



Important Dates-

9/24-10/8 Fall Break

Students Return October 9th – Regular Day

10/18 Picture Day


MARK YOUR CALENDAR FOR SATURDAY OCTOBER 13 PARENT ACADEMY 8-12@ Vista Square Call 619-425-9600 ext 1520 for more information


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