Week of October 8th

What are we learning about?

Reading- We are learning about Nonfiction texts and this month we are reading many books by Gail Gibbons. Can your child find the non fiction text features like a: title, the table of contents, glossary and bold words?

gail gibbons

Phonics/ Grammar- We started a new chart- Chart 9. Please review these phonics patterns this week: ing – pointing, kn -knot, gn- gnat. Please look for them in your reading homework. In grammar we are practicing adding a prepositional phrase to our sentences, so instead of writing: The fluffy dog runs. Write: The fluffy dog runs quickly through the grass. Tell when or where.


Math–Chapter 3- We are continuing Addition Strategies: Add in any order, Count On, Add Doubles, Doubles plus or minus 1


Social Studies/Science- Students are learning how to categorize and classify animals by looking at their external parts. We are also learning to classify vertebrates-mammals, fish, birds, amphibians and reptiles.



Writing- Students started learning about Informative Writing. Informative writing is when you want to teach someone facts about a topic. It has a title, topic sentence, 4 facts with details and a conclusion. Have your child sing the song.


Important Dates-

10/17 Picture Day

10/22-10/26 Red Ribbon Week

10/31 Halloween -no party, no costumes

MARK YOUR CALENDAR FOR SATURDAY OCTOBER 13th PARENT ACADEMY 8-12@ Vista Square Call 619-425-9600 ext 1520 for more information


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