Week of Oct. 15th

What are we learning about?

Reading- We are learning about Nonfiction texts and this month we are reading many books by Gail Gibbons. Can your child find the main idea and detail in a fiction and nonfiction text?main idea

Phonics/ Grammar- We started a new chart- Chart 9. Please review these phonics patterns this week: ang – bang, ing -king, long- long. Please look for them in your reading homework. In grammar we are practicing adding a prepositional phases to our sentences, so instead of writing: The fluffy dog runs. Write: The fluffy dog runs quickly through the grass. Tell when or where.


Math–Chapter 3- We are continuing Addition Strategies: Add in any order, Count On, Add Doubles, Doubles plus or minus 1 Add three numbershttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81NfQ350vw8


Social Studies/Science- Students are observing plants and their traits around the school. They will compare how plants are alike and different depending on their external parts.


Writing- Students are continuing on- Informative Writing. Informative writing is when you want to teach someone facts about a topic. Sing the song. “Informative Writing has a title, a topic sentence and lots of facts. Don’t forget the conclusion, informative writing is full of facts.”  Use some of the transitions before writing facts on a topic- Did you know, Surprisingly, Another fact about __is  Additionally and According to the text/video



Some students will begin fluency reading homework this week. Look for it on Monday or Tuesday and Return it every Friday or Monday depending on the teacher.

Please turn in the zoo permission slip as soon as possible with the $4 bus money. Remember to mark if your student will need to have a school lunch that day.


Important Dates-

10/17 Picture Day THIS WEDNESDAY

10/22-10/26 Red Ribbon Week –Spirit Week

10/23 PTA meeting 6pmred ribbon week

10/31 Halloween -no party, no costumes

11/6 Zoo Field Trip


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