Week of Oct. 22

What are we learning about?


Reading- We are learning about Nonfiction texts and this month we are reading many books by Gail Gibbons. Can your child identify the author’s purpose when reading a book? Did the author want to persuade, inform or entertain?


Phonics/ Grammar- Please review these phonics patterns this week: ung – strung, ank -bank, ink- wink, onk-honk. Please look for them in your reading homework. In grammar we are practicing adding adverbs. Adverbs answer questions in sentences. They often end in ly. Try asking when, how and where? The fluffy dog ran slowly to the park.


Math–Chapter 3- We are continuing Addition Strategies: Add in any order, Count On, Add Doubles, Doubles plus or minus 1 Add three numbers. Math review and test on FRIDAY. Practice, practice, practice adding three numbers and making friendly numbers like a 10. Facts that make ten…please MEMORIZE 9+1, 8+2, 7+3, 6+4, 5+5


Social Studies/Science- Students are comparing animal parents and offspring. Do all animals look like their parents when they are babies? What traits do they have the same/different? We are also learning about spiders to use as facts for informative writing.wild-animals-offspring-08


Writing- Students are taking facts from two sources to write an informative piece on spiders. They use transitions like. According to the text…. From the video I learned… Another fact about ____ is…. Did you know… Additionally, Surprisingly,



All money and permission slips due as soon as possible- for the zoo field trip.


Important Dates-

red ribbon week

10/22-10/26 Red Ribbon Week –Spirit Week

10/25 Picture Make Up Day

10/30 DELAC meeting district office 12pm

10/31 Halloween -no party, no costumes

11/3 Masquerade Festival 3pm

11/6 Zoo Field Trip


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