Week of Oct. 29th

What are we learning about?


Reading- We use reading strategies when reading words on a page of a book. One strategy to remind your child of is: “Get your mouth ready for the first sound.” For example the word is …Monkey the child should say Mmm. This helps them to focus on reading left to right, and letter-by-letter.stella luna


Phonics/ Grammar- Please review these phonics patterns this week: unk in trunk, wa in wash, and a in adopt. Please look for them in your reading homework. In grammar we are practicing plurals- s and es.


Math–Chapter 4- We are starting a new chapter it’s subtraction strategies. One strategy is count backwards to find the answer. Use a number line to help. Practice counting backwards and forwards and don’t always start at one.

counting backwards


Social Studies/Science- Students are learning all about Bats. Ask them to tell you four facts about bats.


Writing- Students will be taking a writing test on Thursday or Friday. It is Informative Writing. Practice by having them write with these frames.

I am an expert about______, Did you know_______ Additionally,______ Surprisingly, ______Another fact is__________ this means________ Now you know all about ________________.



All parents planning to chaperone on the zoo field trip should pay $4.



Please donate magazines with pictures of animals on them. We will be using them for a cutting project next week.


Important Dates-

10/30 DELAC meeting district office 12pm

10/31 Halloween -no parties, no costumes but it is…. PAJAMA DAY

11/3 Masquerade Festival 3pm

11/6 Zoo Field Trip

11/12 No School


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