Week of Nov. 5

What are we learning about?


Reading- We are using reading strategies to help us decode words. One strategy to remind your child of is: “Flip the vowel sound.” For example if the word that they are struggling with has a long vowel sound -“huge”… instead of sounding it out /h/ /short u/ /g/ /e/ remind them to “flip the vowel” this means change it from a short sound to a long sound.


Phonics/ Grammar- Please review these phonics patterns this week: the three ed’s: ed in looked, ed in wanted, and ed in played. Please look for them in your reading homework. In grammar we are practicing pronounsed



Math–Chapter 4- We are starting a new chapter it’s subtraction strategies. One strategy is use addition to subtract. Another is use ten to subtract.


Social Studies/Science- Students are learning how parents help their offspring survive. For example a camel mother stays with her calf for “five years.” Then, they will be creating a new species with traits from two different types of animals on Thursday or Friday. We will also be visiting the zoo this week.


Writing- Students will be making slime and learning how to write an Explanatory Writing paragraph. The parts are: Topic sentence, steps with sequence words and a conclusion.


 Reminders-All parents and students need to arrive by 8:30 on Tuesday morning, for the zoo fieldtrip. All chaperones please bring an empty backpack to help carry lunches.

Donations- Please donate magazines with pictures of animals on them. We will be using them for a cutting project Friday.


Federal Survey Forms Due ASAP


 Important Dates-

11/6 ELAC meeting cafeteria

11/6 Zoo Field Trip

11/5-11/16 Canned Food Drive-canned or boxed food can be collected in the classrooms

11/1-11/30 Toy Drive-new toys can be dropped off at the office

11/12 No School

11/14 Identakid


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