Week of Dec. 10th

What are we learning about?

Reading- We are using comprehension strategies to help us understand what we are reading. One strategy is summarize. To summarize a reader can tell what is happening on one page or they can summarize the important events in a story.  Use these words..First, Next, After that, At the end,retell:summarize


Phonics/ Grammar- Please review the phonics chart. We are learning about subject and verb agreement.subject verb

Math- We are reviewing the following concepts in Chapter 5

  • Solve addition and subtraction problem situations using the strategy make a model.
  • Record related facts within 20.
  • Identify related addition and subtraction facts within 20.
  • Apply the inverse relationship of addition and subtraction.
  • Use related facts to determine unknown numbers.
  • Use a related fact to subtract.
  • Choose an operation and strategy to solve an addition or subtraction word problem.
  • Represent equivalent forms of numbers using sums and difference within 20.
  • Determine if an equation is true or false.
  • Add and subtract facts within 20 and demonstrate fluency for addition and subtraction within 10

Chapter 5 Math Test this Thursday and Friday.


Social Studies/Science- We are learning about Holidays around the world. This week we are learning about India, Mexico and Italy. Ask your child to tell you about a tradition from one of these countries.pointsetta


Writing- Students will be practicing all text types.




Reminders- Please turn in the permission slip for the end of the quarter holiday party. Also thank you for participating in the December Acts of Kindness!!!


Donations- First grade teachers are in need of white card stock, large glue sticks and Kleenex

Please contact your child’s teacher to let them know what you plan to donate for the Gingerbread STEM project and the Holiday Movie/Popcorn on Dec. 21st

Pre-popped popcorn (for 26 students), 26 juice boxes,  3 boxes of graham crackers, 1 can of white ROYAL frosting,icing Holiday plates (appetizer size), Holiday napkins, 1 package of small gingerbread house decorations (i.e. Skittles, red licorice, mini marshmallows, candy canes, plain M&Ms, mini pretzels, gum drops, chocolate chips, red hots)





Important Dates-

Winter Gift Shop Opens 12/10-12/14

Student Teacher Last Day Good Bye Ms. Lee and Ms. Koopman 12/13

Hawaiian Spirit Day 12/21

First Grade Stem project- Gingerbread Houses 12/21

Holiday Movie and Popcorn Party 12/21

Winter Break 12/24-1/14

Happy New Year!!! Students Return 1/15 minimum day


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