Week of April 15th

What are we learning about?
We are reading books by Kevin Henkes. This week we read Chester’s Way and Sheila Rae the Brave . Kevin Henkes is a very descriptive writer so, we are focusing on imagery and comparing characters from the books.


Phonics and Grammar: We are on a new phonics chart. This week’s patterns are au in faucet, and aw in saw and ea in leaf. Find letters in words that make the same sounds. For grammar we are continuing editing our own papers using the editing marks.

Writing: We are working on two text types- Informative and Opinion. We are taking notes from two sources and stating the source in the text. According to the article__________, According to the video______________________, The writing test is coming up soon…April 30th. At home use the yellow transition paper to guide you. For Opinion-please make sure  Reasons- link (relate)with examples and for Informative- Facts have details that also relate.


Math: Chapter 8- Addition and Subtraction Strategies with numbers to 100. Practice making ten with three addends. Test is next week.
Also practice True and False number sentences 30+60=20    20-10= 10-0         53-2=49+5


Science: We are learning about the moon this week. Please go out at night and record your moon observations on your monthly moon calendar.

phases of the moon

Donations needed of white copy paper. If the school collects more then 250 reems Mr. Shy will dye his hair pink. Thank you so much if you have already donated!!!

pink hair

Mark your Calendars:

4/17 Last Day to Join the Birthday Book Club

Birthday Book Club – Final Call

4/19 School Spirit Day-Dress up as your favorite book character

4/10-4/25 Copy Paper Drive
4/12-4/26 Pennies for Patients Drive
Visit: PenniesForPatients.org/find-your-school.
4/22 Spring Portraits

4/23 PTA meeting 6pm

4/26 Birthday BookClub Assembly 8:45 blacktop

Reading 4/22-5/17
Writing 4/30-5/2
Math 5/14-5/15
For Testing “Season” Let’s remember all of the powerful tools we have learned. Review the POWER of YET.

power of yet

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