Week of April 29th

We are reading books by Kevin Henkes. This week we read Julius The Baby of The World and are focusing on how characters change over time.character change
Phonics and Grammar: We are on a new phonics chart. This week’s patterns are ey in key ey in obey and ph in phone . Find letters in words that make these same sounds. For grammar we are continuing editing our own papers using the marks. pageChart11
Writing: We are taking the writing test this week. The main testing days are Tuesday and Wednesday.
Math: We are starting Chapter 9 Measurement. Measure objects at home using nonstandard units to measure-pennies, paperclips, beans. Compare objects and tell if an object is longer or shorter. This shoe is longer then this cup because_____

Science: We are learning about gravity.


DONATIONS:Thank you for all of the donations of testing snacks and copy paper. Congrats to the primary grade winner Mrs. Davis. NOW-Mr. Shy will dye his hair pink.

Mark your Calendars:
Reading 4/22-5/17
Writing 4/30-5/2
Math 5/14-5/15
For Testing “Season” check out this video our Timberwolves made!

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